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Balance your Energy. Trasform your Life.

About Me

Claudia Newman

Usui/Holy® Fire III Reiki Practitioner

Chakra Energy Healer

Hi beautiful souls and welcome to this sacred space. I am Claudia, a devoted practitioner of the healing arts, and it is my great honor to serve you. Through my practice as a Reiki Practitioner and Chakra Energy Healer, I am committed to helping individuals find harmony and balance within their bodies, minds, and spirits.


Reiki Hands

Distant Reiki

I did my first energy session with Claudia not knowing what it even meant. Took a leap of faith in understanding my body's energies and take a deep dive into issues I was feeling that was not in alignment. Claudia & I just met at an event and knew nothing about my issues. She blew me away when she pin pointed all the issues I had felt or had some inclination about regarding my blocked chakras and simplified it for me to understand since I had 0 understanding about energies. She is wounderful & is truly gifted! Im so pleased to have trusted my intuition and have Claudia help me in my journey to my higher self & healing. 



I am delighted, Claudia is very professional and is a very special person. I felt very good with her and her work. After the session I felt very good. And positive things continue to emerge ❤️

 I am very happy to have taken this session with Claudia. I recommend it 100%


I had a distant Reiki session with Claudia today and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the experience. From the moment we connected, I felt a sense of trust and comfort, which allowed me to fully surrender and receive the healing energy.

As Claudia began to work on my energy, I could feel the sensation of warmth and tingling throughout my body. It was as if she was physically with me, even though we were in different locations. I could feel my chakras balancing and a sense of relief washing over me. What struck me most about Claudia was her intuitive ability to sense the areas in my body where I needed the most healing. She was able to provide me with insights and guidance that felt deeply personal and meaningful.

Overall, I cannot recommend Claudia enough. She is a highly skilled and professional practitioner who truly cares about her clients. The experience was both relaxing and rejuvenating, leaving me feeling more centered and balanced than I have in a long time. I am already looking forward to my next session with Claudia.



Contact Me

I’m delighted to hear from you and look forward to connecting with you. I believe that every interaction we have is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of community and deepen our spiritual practice. Ask me anything or just say hello!

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